1 The English Roses

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The English Roses

Written by Madonna

Illustrated by Jeffy Talrimari

Reviewed by Alexandra R. (age 8)

The English Roses

This book is about Nicole, Amy, Charlotte, Grace, and Binah. They are called the English Roses because they?re kind and sweet. It takes place in a small neighborhood. In the beginning Nicole, Amy, Charlotte, and Grace were very jealous of Binah because she was so beautiful. The girls had a slumber party but they didn?t include Binah. All the girls had the same dream about the fairy who took them to Binah?s house. The fairy showed them Binah?s life was very hard because she did not have a mother. At the end all of the girls became great friends. Binah became one of the English Roses. My favorite character was Nicole because she always thinks of good ideas. She had the slumber party at her house and she was the nicest of the English Roses. I really liked the part when the fairy sat on Charlotte?s pumpernickel sandwich!

This book is unique because it teaches you a lesson. The English Roses changed the way they thought about Binah when they saw how hard her life was. This reminds me of the time a boy was being a bully to my cousins and me at the beach. When I talked to him he became nicer to me. I enjoyed this book because it shows that you should not be jealous. You never know what somebody?s life is like.

I would recommend this book to families that have children because nobody should leave anybody out.