1 Kick Pass and Run

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Kick Pass and Run

Written by Leonard Kessler

Illustrated by Leonard Kessler

Reviewed by Devin L. (age 8)

Kick Pass and Run

This book is about Frog, Dog, Owl, Cat, Rabbit, and Duck. It takes place at a football field and a forest. In the beginning, the animals saw the football in the woods and thought it was an egg. Owl thought it was an elephant?s egg or a brown bear?s egg. Then, a football player came and took it back to the football field. They played football and the animals watched them. At the end, the animals went to the woods and played football themselves. They used an apple because the animals didn?t have a football. Frog ate the apple, so they used a paper bag. The animals had fun.

I enjoyed this book because it is about football. I also enjoyed the book because it was fun reading about animals playing football. My favorite part was when Duck popped the paper bag. It was funny because Owl told him not to do it, and he did it anyway.

I would recommend this book to elementary school kids who like football. I would think that kids who like animals would also like this book.