1 How Your Body Works

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How Your Body Works

Written by Judy / Christopher Hindley / Rawson

Illustrated by Colin King

Reviewed by Sheryl A. (age 9) & Dorothy K. (age 9)

How Your Body Works

Germs are tiny creatures too small to see. If they get into your body they will make you sick. They make poisons. They make powerful armies. The white blood cells eat the germs. They kill the germs so people don't have to get sick.

To get rid of bad food, muscles in your chest and near your stomach squeeze together. The gate at the end of your stomach stays shut, so the food goes up. This is why you throw up. You have to read this book to find out more about how your body works.

We liked this book because it's about your body. We also liked this book because we wanted to learn how we throw up and how our body works. Our favorite part is when the white blood cells eat the germs so we don't get sick.

Other kids should read this book because they could learn more about their body. People that want to learn about their body would like this book.