1 Samantha's Surprise

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Samantha's Surprise

Written by Anne Schreiber

Reviewed by Madison L. (age 8)

Samantha's Surprise

This book is about Samantha, Aunt Cornelia, Nellie, Uncle Gard, and Grandmary. It takes place in New York City in 1904. In the beginning, Samantha sees a doll she wants, but Grandmary says no. Then, Aunt Cornelia gets Samantha the doll, but Grandmary doesn?t know. At the end, Samantha gets the doll from Aunt Cornelia and she is very happy.

My favorite part was when Samantha gets the doll, because it?s Christmas and she gave her doll to her poor friend, Nellie. It was a very special thing for her to do. I like reading all the Samantha American Girl books. She is a nice character that would be a great friend. The American Girl books are fun and you learn things from them too.

I would recommend this book to girls four to fifteen who like American Girl books and surprises.