1 Arthur's Chicken Pox

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Arthur's Chicken Pox

Written by Marc Brown

Reviewed by Tiffany N. (age 9)

Arthur's Chicken Pox

Arthur wants to go to the circus. He gets the chicken pox. Grandma Thora comes to take care of Arthur. D.W. pretends to have chicken pox. Arthur gets well enough to go to the circus. D.W. wants to go to the circus, too, but D.W. gets chicken pox.

It was funny when D.W. painted her face with a pink marker as if she has chicken pox. I would not like to paint my face like D.W. does. I felt sad because Arthur has chicken pox. It was nice of Aunt Thora to come. I would like to go to the circus.

Second graders will love this Arthur book. Babies will like the colorful pictures. Moms and Dads would love to read this Arthur book to their child. There are a lot of other Arthur books.