1 Hungry, Hungry Sharks

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Hungry, Hungry Sharks

Written by Joanna Cole

Reviewed by Sheik K (age 9)

Hungry, Hungry Sharks

Are you looking for good book to read? Well I've got one for you. The book I'm going to tell you about is called the Hungry Hungry Sharks. Joanna Cole wrote it. It is a nonfiction book. The characters are the sharks they were live in the ocean. In the story the hunters said it was hard to chase the sharks. In this story the sharks can swim as fast as a boat, so they were wondering how they are going to chase the sharks. I don't like the sharks because if somebody is in the water they are going to kill you and eat you for dinner.

This book reminds me of something, it reminds me of my other book, because they both have sharks in it and they also both talk about ocean. The author describes that it is not safe for baby sharks to stay near their hungry mother when they are born. Also he describes that some sharks are dangerous. He describes that some sharks are stronger than dolphins. Also he describes that sharks can live underwater for long time without air. I think the picture great because it is dark and blue. I think the author does a good job because he describes lots about they sharks.

I recommend this book to kids who like the ocean. All in all now you know about my opinion of this book.