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Mouse Paint

Written by Ellen Stoll Walsh

Illustrated by Ellen Stoll Walsh

Reviewed by Austin& Matt (age 5)

Mouse Paint

This book is about three mice that like to play in paint. First, they find three jars of paint; one red, one blue and one yellow. Each mouse jumped into a jar then they jumped onto a piece of paper and mixed the colors together. They found many new colors, but they always left a space white, so the cat could not find them.

We think it is a good book because you learn all about colors. Our favorite part was when they started mixing all the colors together. Our favorite character was the red mouse, because red is our favorite color. When we were reading the book, we both were wondering about all the colors and how they were made.

We recommend this book to people that need to learn about colors, because this book teaches about the basic colors and how they can be mixed to make new ones.