1 Fluffy Goes Apple Picking

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Fluffy Goes Apple Picking

Written by Kate McMullan

Illustrated by Mavis Smith

Reviewed by Veneta H. (age 7)

Fluffy Goes Apple Picking

A guinea pig named Fluffy was excited about apple picking! Kiss came to his play yard from a different class. She had a sleepover. Kiss took Fluffy?s bed and food. Fluffy was so excited about apple picking, that Fluffy didn?t get that much sleep. And when Emma came in, she saw Fluffy was very sleepy and Kiss was not, so Kiss went apple picking. Kiss was eating apples. Fluffy couldn?t take it any more, so he jumped and banged his food bowl. Emma said, ?Fluffy, you were dreaming!? Then they went apple picking and they had apples.

I think this that this book is funny and adventurous. I think that Kate McMullan wanted to make this book funny and adventurous for kids. He goes apple picking and sees a lot of apples. He has fun. My favorite part was when Fluffy banged his food bowl. It was funny. He was dreaming and got hurt. Fluffy thinks he is tough, but he is not, because he is a guinea pig.

I recommend this book to people who like funny books and who love apples. I like the character Fluffy because he is funny. I think Fluffy is a good book for kids. Read this book and find out what happens.