1 Frog and Toad Together

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Frog and Toad Together

Written by Arnold Lobel

Reviewed by Lehana G. (age 7)

Frog and Toad Together

My favorite part of this book was the chapter about Toad's dream. When he fell asleep he had a dream about being on a stage. The dream was happy because Toad played the piano very well and Frog was clapping. Toad did lots of things in his dream that Frog couldn't do and this made him feel happy. Then Frog disappeared and Toad was very sad. He woke up and was happy to see Frog standing by his bed because it had just been a dream.

I like Frog and Toad stories because they do lots of stuff together. I also read Frog and Toad are Friends and liked it too. I think other kids would like these stories because the author adds lots of details about what Frog and Toad like to do.