1 Bozo the Clone

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Bozo the Clone

Written by Dan Greenburg

Illustrated by Jack E. Davis

Reviewed by Nick G. (age 7)

Bozo the Clone

Bozo the Clone does a good job fighting bullies! He helps people but he messes up. His job is to help people, but he doesn?t. He helps Zack a little bit because he beat up the bullies for him. Bozo the Clone came out of a brass box. Bozo got a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Bozo split into tiny pieces. His voice squeaked. He attacked them. Zack had to get the brass box. ?Zack,? dad said. Don?t leave me here alone!? Zack said, ?Don?t worry, I?ll be there very fast.? ?OK,? Zack?s dad said. Zack got the brass box, but Bozo was gone. Zack went to school. The bullies never bothered him again.

My favorite character is Bozo the clone. A clone is a person that looks like you. I like Bozo because he does a good job fighting bullies. Bozo is made out of rubber. Bozo gets to do whatever you want and he gets to go swimming for you. Bozo is a clone and he gets to play games with you. I wish that I had a clone because he would have to go to the dentist for me. Zack is like me because my brother bullies me and 3 kids called the stooges bully Zack. I like the pictures because when you look at the pictures, you have more questions to ask.

I recommend Bozo the Clone to people who like funny books like I?m Out of My Body and The Volcano Goddess Will See You Now. These books are also by Dan Greenburg