1 Wemberly Worried

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Wemberly Worried

Written by Kevin Henkes

Reviewed by Isabella D. (age 7)

Wemberly Worried

?What if they make fun of my name? What if the teacher is mean? What if no one wears spots? What if no one else brings a doll?? A little girl named Wemberly Worried worries about everything. She worries the tree in the front yard will fall on her house. She is very scared of going to school if people tease her. Wemberly worries so much her grandmother says, ?When you worry, I worry.? ?Worry, worry, worry!? said her grandfather because she doesn?t stop worrying. Wemberly worried if she was the only one wearing stripes. Wemberly was the shyest one in school.

I like this book because Wemberly is shy and I am very shy and she worries just like me. I am kind of like Wemberly. Wemberly worries too much! My favorite part was when she had along list of worries in her head like,? What if I shrink?? and ? What if they make fun of my name?? I worried about little things and big things like, ?What if I get my stockings ripped?? just like Wemberly.

I recommend this book to people who like worry books and people who worry. I like this book because Wemberly is shy and worries too much like, ?What if no one else brings a doll?? ?What if the teacher is mean?? ?What if I have to cry?? Read this book and find out what happens in the end.