1 Zap! I'm a Mind Reader (Zack Files Series #4)

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Zap! I'm a Mind Reader (Zack Files Series #4)

Written by Dan Greenburg

Illustrated by Jack E. Davis

Reviewed by Essence H. (age 8)

Zap! I'm a Mind Reader (Zack Files Series #4)

Zap! I am a mind reader! Have you ever been a mind reader? Well, a kid named Zack has! When he drops an ?electric? toy car into a sink while he is in a science room, he wakes up and he?s a ? (You?ll find out when you read the book.)

I like Zap! I?m a Mind Reader because it was very funny,weird, and spooky. My favorite part is when Zack was having a bad dream. He woke up and he sunk into a beanbag chair. It was funny when no one could get him out. I also like how Zack talks weird. For example, he says, ?Do you know what a tachyon is? It is one of the tiniest things in the universe. Tinier than an atom, even. And it travels faster than the speed of light. A tachyon travels so fast it gets where it?s going before it starts out. If you were a trachyon, you would never be late for school. You would be there before you left home.? See. I told you he talks weird!

I recommend this book for people who like weird spooky stories. And also for people who love adventures. That?s a fact and you will like the book as soon as you see it. If you like all of this you will love all of the Zack Files adventures, especially Zap! I am a Mind Reader!