1 Corduroy

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Written by Don Freeman

Illustrated by Don Freeman

Reviewed by Jay D. (age 6)


This is a story about a bear named Corduroy and a girl named Lisa. Corduroy didn't know that he was missing a button so at night he got down from the shelf and started searching the department store. Suddenly, he felt the floor moving. He was on the escalator! He searched everywhere. Read this book to find out if he ever finds his button.

I enjoyed this book because it is a funny story about a silly bear. My favorite part is when he pulls the button off the mattress because it made me laugh. My favorite character is Corduroy because he tries to pull off the button and he doesn't know it is attached to the mattress.

I recommend this book because it is a funny book about a bear named Corduroy who goes on an adventure in a department store. He meets a girl named Lisa.