1 Zombies Don't Play Soccer

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Zombies Don't Play Soccer

Written by Debbie Dadey

Illustrated by Christopher Pope

Reviewed by Christopher P. (age 8)

Zombies Don't Play Soccer

Zombies Don?t Play Soccer is a about four kids named Liza, Eddie, Melody, and Howie. They got a new soccer coach named Coach Graves. When they were practicing, an old lady turns Coach Graves into a zombie. The four kids try to come with a plan . They even try to giving her peanuts and tickling her. But when they win the soccer game, Coach Graves comes alive.

I like this story because Coach Graves really looks like a Zombie. My favorite part is when Melody splashed cold water in Eddie?s face and said, "I wanted to bring you back to life."

I recommend this story to all second graders who like zombies.