1 Clifford Makes a Friend

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Clifford Makes a Friend

Written by Norman Bridwell

Reviewed by Dimanashia J. (age 7)

Clifford Makes a Friend

In this book, Clifford follows a boy and does everything he does. He ran, he did a cartwheel, he spun around and he laughed when the boy made a face. He made a face when the boy made a face. And he licked the boy when he laughed. At the end, they were friends.

I liked this book because the dog did a cartwheel and I always do cartwheels. I liked the characters because the dog is so big and the kid is so small. My favorite part was when Clifford licked the boy's face. I liked the pictures because the illustrator draws so big and giant.

I think people who like to have fun would like this book because Clifford is a funny dog. People who have dogs would like this book because they probably do stuff like they do in the book. Only young people would like this book because this is a kiddie book and it is too easy for adults to read. Adults won't like this book probably because they are too grown for the story.