1 Corduroy

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Written by Don Freeman

Illustrated by Don Freeman

Reviewed by Erin C. (age 7)


This is a book called Corduroy. Corduroy, he was a bear, who was in a department store on a shelf with other dolls and toy animals and stuffed animals. Then one time a girl came with her mother and the little girl said, ?I want that bear.? And then her mother sighed, ?Not today, dear.? Then the little girl got sad and Corduroy got sad. And he looked at his overalls and he saw that his button was gone. That night Corduroy got up and he got off the shelf and went to look for his button. He went upstairs, he jumped on the escalator and he got off and he looked around him and he said, ?This must be a palace,? because the room had a lot of lamps and a lot of beds and a lot of sofas and a lot of tables. Then he saw the biggest bed and he climbed up the bed and then he tried to pull out a button, and he succeeded. He yanked with both paws and then he flew off the bed. Then he knocked down a lamp. Then the watchman came upstairs when the lamp fell because he heard it. Then he turned on his flashlight to see who knocked down the lamp. Then he saw Corduroy?s fluffy ears. Then the watchman said, ?Hey, little fellow, how did you get here?? Then the watchman tucked Corduroy under his arm and put him back on the shelf. Then in the morning real early, the little girl came and saw Corduroy and she bought him with her money from her piggy bank. Then she went home, she went up the stairs to her room and she sewed Corduroy?s button on his overalls. And Corduroy said, ?I always wanted a friend.? ?Me, too,? said the little girl.

I liked the book Corduroy because when the little girl got home she sewed Corduroy?s button and Corduroy always wanted a friend and that made me feel happy. What I liked about the book is it made me surprised because Corduroy could walk, talk, run and he could hop on the escalators. I liked it when Corduroy said, ?This must be a palace,? because that made laugh. Corduroy reminds me of my stuffed rabbit named Fluffy and my other stuffed animal named Mr. Bear and that makes me laugh. I liked the pictures of Corduroy. I didn?t like it when the night watchman came upstairs and made Corduroy go downstairs. I want to read more books about Corduroy because it?s funny and because some parts are happy and some parts are sad.

My father would like this book because my father used to read when he was a little kid. And my mom will like this book because it will make her happy. My brother, David, who likes to read and play video games and at night my brother reads every single day. He likes to read books with pictures and I would like to give him this book because this book has pictures. My brother, Kirt, is 25 years old and he would like it because he likes stories with happy endings. I don?t know anyone who doesn?t like books with happy endings.