1 Journey To The New World

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Journey To The New World

Written by Remember Whipple

Reviewed by Katie D (age 10)

Journey To The New World

A Journey To The New World, in the Dear America series, is a diary of Remember Patients Whipple (Mem). She traveled on the Mayflower with her friend, Hummy. Many people got sick and died. Then the ship got lost and got stuck in a current that forced them to go to the new world. They arrived with about half as many people that had began the journey. Mem's mom was dying, winter was coming, and they had almost no food. Then, an Indian named Squanto came. He helped the pioneers because he could find food. He also taught them how to survive because he could speak English. But Mem's mom was still sick. Mem writes to her diary like you would talk to a friend. She also writes her thoughts and feelings. I think it is really cool to read about what people thought about it because it was such a long time ago and it is such a famous time in history. Mem reminds me of my friend Celine because she is adventurous and fun. I remember reading about an Indian coming to help the pioneers. I also remember reading about the first Thanksgiving. I would have liked it if there were pictures because it would be neat to see what it looked like when the pioneers came. I thought the author used good sensory details because the way they used the words let me picture it in my mind. If you like adventures, this book is for you, there is adventure on every page! I liked the book. Maybe you will too!