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Class President

Written by Johanna Hurwitz

Reviewed by Vincent A (age 9)

Class President

Do you want to be Class President? Have you read Class President? It was written by Johanna Hurwitz. The setting is at school. Class President is about a kid named Julio who is out of school. Julio wanted to be class president. But his friend Cricket is better then him at campaigning, mostly because Cricket has done it before. So he does a bake sale for Auther's classes, and Auther thinks Julio should be class president, because that's what a class president would do. Does he get it? Read and find out. This book is a realalistic fiction.

The theme in the book is never give up. The main character never gives up, no matter how bad things get. This is a good lesson. The author colors her pictures black and white, but I think she should do her pictures in color, because you can not see very well what the pictures look like. I did not like the black and white pictures very much.

This book has many things that remind me of my life. I have always wanted to be a super citizen, and Julio, in the book, has always wanted to be a class president. I know how Julio feels, because he is anxious to get class president, like how I was to be a super citizen. Cricket is always looking for competition, because Cricket thinks she is all that, and I like to be competive too. Julio has a lot of friends, and I have a lot of friends too. I think Julio is kind of like me, because when Author fell down Julio helped him up. When somebody falls, I help them up and walk with them for a second.

I think Johanna Hurwitz is a good author, because she wrote E is for Elisa which I liked as well as this book.

I recommend this book to kids who like stories about kids lives, because that is exactly what this is. I sure loved this book, because it was about kids in school and it seemed so real to me!