1 Anastasia Krupnik

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Anastasia Krupnik

Written by Lois Lowry

Reviewed by Yahav K (age 10)

Anastasia Krupnik

An exiting girl has moved in next door and Anastasia is the name of that girl. The book I am talking about is Anastasia. It is a realistic fiction book. The author is Lois Lowry. I think Anastasia is a nice caring girl because she always helps her friends. She loves to help her friends even if they are older than her. I think Anastasia is very sweet because she is always nice. The setting is a few years ago. It takes place in the suburbs. When she moved she thought she wouldn't make friends. But she was wrong. One of her new friends is afraid of people. Anastasia is a girl who needs to help her friend, Mrs. Stein. She was going to throw a party with old people for her. But Mrs. Stein refused to come. So she threw the party and Mrs. Stein came because Anastasia told her to come so she could show her something while the party was going on. Then she showed her what she needed to show her.

One connection I have with Anastasia is we both like to get everything our own way. For example it says in the book "Just keep doing that when you see the house. Maybe you can make real tears". When it said that in the book it was because they were going to move houses and Anastasia did not want to. I think the lessons are don't judge something by how it looks, and always be nice. They really liked their house and Anastasia was nice and made a lot of friends. The author uses similes like "With so many people watching her now, Anastasia began to feel as if she was making a speech". I think the people who made the pictures of the book did a good job because they showed good pictures that helped you have a vision of what was going on.

I recommend this book to people who love adventure and also love realistic fiction because the book has both those things in it. This is a book I have for you, so read this book.