1 Dive: Book One: The Discovery

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Dive: Book One: The Discovery

Written by Gordon Korman

Reviewed by Katherine T. (age 11)

Dive: Book One: The Discovery

Imagine hockey is your life. Now imagine that you can never play the sport again. After a tragic accident, caused by Kaz, that leaves another boy paralyzed, Kaz knows that he will never be able to play hockey again. So Kaz is sent to a summer diving program where all members of the diving group are unskilled amateurs. The diving program doesn't stay ordinary and boring for long, however. Kaz thinks the people running the program are a little strange. When the kids begin to find objects in the ocean even stranger than the adults running the program, they start to wonder exactly what is going on. Will the mini-crew of teenagers uncover what is happening before it is too late?

I think this book is really good because it has loads of suspense. The author writes an exciting plot, without going overboard. I think this book has some awesome flashbacks. If you pay close attention, you can connect the ending to the flashbacks. Also, I think Dive has some really heartbreaking parts. For example, the teenagers find out that the program is using them as a cover-up for a crime. Dive is a perfect short novel because it has every bit of excitement that a longer novel would have, but in an easier format!

I recommend Dive to mystery lovers, boys or girls, ages 8 - 13. It has lots of action and mystery in every chapter - if this sounds like you, you'll love this book.