1 Skylark

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Written by Patricia MacLachlan

Reviewed by Chris L. (age 9) & Michael S. (age 8)


The family moves back to the wide open plains of Maine and left Papa home since he didn't want to leave the beautiful plains of the prairie. There was a mammoth sized fire that burned down the old cottage that the family lived in. Soon after, Sarah, Caleb, Anna and Maggie found a new home with Aunt Harriet. The book reminds me (Chris) of "On the Banks of Plum Creek" because it takes place on the prairie and in the olden days.

The book was terrific because Patricia MacLachlan used a lot of beautiful language and described the character's feelings. For example, she wrote: "The dark moonlight shimmering down on the bedroom." We recommend this book to people who love the prairie because it makes you think you're really there. We think you should read "Sarah, Plain and Tall" before you read "Skylark" because "Skylark" is the sequel.