1 Nothing's Fair in Fifth Grade

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Nothing's Fair in Fifth Grade

Written by Barthe DeClements

Reviewed by Ashley C. (age 10) & Nicole C. (age 10)

Nothing's Fair in Fifth Grade

How would you feel if you were new to a school and no one liked you? That's how the new girl, Elsie, felt. Two girls named Susan and Jenny were being so mean to Elsie. The teacher then asks Susan to give Elsie a tour around the school. Will Susan and Elsie ever become friends? Or will Elsie and Diana ever become friends?

We thought the book was very exciting and it had a lot of thrilling and frightening adventures for Jenny and her friends. Our favorite part was when Jenny and Elsie became best friends because that was a very exciting and joyful part. This book is like 6th Grade Can Really Kill You because there are the same characters but they are now in 6th grade. This book reminds us of our lives because we got a new student in our class and we became friends with her.

We recommend this book because it is very thrilling and exciting.