1 Sixth Grade Secrets

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Sixth Grade Secrets

Written by Louis Sachar

Reviewed by Heather D. (age 11)

Sixth Grade Secrets

Its Pig City verses Monkey Town??. The secret's out!!! It all started when a sixth grader, named Laura, bought a hat at a garage sale. This hat was unusual, for it had the words "Pig City" printed on it. Laura started to wear the hat every day to school then formed a private club, which she called "Pig City". She was president and had a secretary and vice president. But, each member had to bring something to the club as "insurance". "Insurance" meant that to join the club, you had to bring an embarrassing item that Laura would use as revenge if anyone said a word about "Pig City". But then a new club formed; "Monkey Town". "Monkey Town" had something against "Pig City," and did everything in their power to make "Pig City" miserable. Before you know it, it's war!!!

I thought this book was exciting because of its rivalry and suspense. This book was like being on a roller coaster. It made me feel many different types of emotions throughout the story, like curiosity. The main character, Laura, shares her own point of view along the course of the story. She expresses her feelings towards different situations. In addition, secrets are packed in the pages of the book. I think that Laura reminds me of myself because she is enthusiastic and pours out all of her thoughts like a waterfall. My favorite part of the book was when everything got chaotic due to everyone telling lies.

I would recommend this book to anyone who likes to read realistic fiction. This was a book that you could relate to from any ordinary life. I think that it would be appropriate for anyone who is between ages 9 to 13, because there is some difficult vocabulary.