1 Ellen Fremedon

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Ellen Fremedon

Written by Joan Givner

Reviewed by Cassidy T. (age 10)

Ellen Fremedon

Imagine having twin brothers who get all the attention, the bigger room and always get what they want. On top of that the Water Board in Ellen's town is dumping chemicals in the water and is building millions of houses that might force her family to move out of their home. Yet she still finds time to write a book! Find out if Ellen stops the Water Board and writes a book or has to move out of her house because of the taxes and chemical water.

I think that the book Ellen Fremedon was suspenseful. It kept you hanging by telling you something and then describing something else. This gave me time to think about the mystery and try to figure it out. Ellen Fremedon was a very descriptive book. The author of the book wouldn't just say the flower was yellow; she would say the flower is a canary yellow. I liked how the author treated its readers like adults by using large sophisticated words. In the book when Ellen's dad sides with her brothers it reminded me of a time my sister and I were in a fight and both my parents sided with my sister. I felt abandoned.

I recommend this book to people who love suspenseful mysteries. I think it is for kids 10 and up. I really loved the suspense in this book.