1 Junie B. Jones is a Beauty Shop Guy

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Junie B. Jones is a Beauty Shop Guy

Written by Barbara Park

Illustrated by Denise Brunkus

Reviewed by Alizae F. (age 7)

Junie B. Jones is a Beauty Shop Guy

In the beginning of the book, Junie B. Jones' dad takes her to a beauty shop. After spending some time at the shop, Junie B. wants to become a beauty shop guy. So then she decides to cut her own hair and her haircut turns out horrible. Later, she was sad and didn't want kids to make fun of her so she wears three hats just in case someone pulls one off. In the end of the book, Junie B.'s dad takes her to the beauty shop again and gets her hair fixed. Junie B. still wants to practice and become a beauty shop guy.

My favorite part of the story is when Junie wears the hats to cover her hair. It was really funny. My favorite character is Junie B. Jones because she is funny and she tells jokes too. This story relates to my life because I go to the beauty shop also. The book has pictures and they help to tell the story.

I think that others should read this book because it has funny jokes in it!