1 Miss Nelson is Missing

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Miss Nelson is Missing

Written by James Marshall

Illustrated by James Marshall

Reviewed by Angel B. (age 8)

Miss Nelson is Missing

This book is about a teacher and her students. The kids are rude. They throw spitballs on the ceiling, but the teacher is nice to her students. One day the teacher dosen't come to school. A mean teacher comes in and she said "I am your new teacher!" Her name is Miss Swamp. She has a ruler and she slams the ruler on the desk. They think Miss Swamp is a real witch. Miss Swamp puts them to work. She loaded them with homework. Find out what happens to the students in room 207.

This book taught me a very important lesson. We have to appreciate people who work with us. We have to treat them nice.

I recommend this book for other students because kids need to learn how to be nice and respectful to teachers.

I like the illustrations because the children make funny faces. Find out what I mean.