1 The Green Tailed Mouse

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The Green Tailed Mouse

Written by Leo Lionni

Illustrated by Leo Lionni

Reviewed by Peyton and Mason (age 7)

The Green Tailed Mouse

This story is about a mouse that painted her tail green for the party called Fat Tuesday. They made some scary stuff like shark teeth and masks. They also put up streamers on the trees. One night they forgot about the party and put the masks on and they scared each other. What will they do?

I liked when it was Fat Tuesday because it was a big party. I thought it was a good story because the mouse had a dark green tail. My favorite part is when they had masks on, because one of the masks was a bird. Birds are my favorite thing. My favorite character was the green tailed mouse because it got to wear my favorite mask. I would like to have a mask party like Fat Tuesday. Or, I would like to wear a mask to a party on a day that isn't Halloween.

I recommend this book to kids who like mouse stories because there is a funny party for the mouse. Anyone who likes to dress up or wear a mask will like this story. I think other first graders will like this book, especially if they like mice.