1 Who Am I?

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Who Am I?

Written by Moira Butterfield

Illustrated by Wayne Ford

Reviewed by Ashley & Connor (age 7)

Who Am I?

This book is about giraffes. It tells you all about giraffes, like how tall they are and how they eat. The book shows an oxpecker that sometimes sits on the giraffe's back and gobbles up insects that land on the giraffe. Giraffes live in Africa on grassy plains. The baby giraffes are called calves. This book shows close up pictures of just one part of the giraffe at a time, so you can see it close and guess about it.

I thought this book would be about a lot of different animals because of the title, so I was surprised when it was all about giraffes. I liked learning how giraffes have to spread their legs wide apart so they can lean down to get a drink from a watering hole. All of the illustrations in this book are brown and yellow, which makes the book interesting to look at.

I recommend this book to animal lovers because it tells a lot of facts about giraffes, and the pictures are close up and fun to look at. I think my sister would like this book because we could look at the pictures together. I can read most of it to her.