1 The School Story

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The School Story

Written by Andrew Clements

Reviewed by Seth G (age 9)

The School Story

The School Story is the story of a young girl, Natalie Nelson. Natalie is writing a fabulous book called The Cheater. The only problem is that Natalie's mom, Hannah Nelson, doesn't know that Natalie is writing a book. Natalie's mom is a publisher. Natalie thinks asking her mom to publish her book is asking too much of a favor, especially because Natalie's mom has a mean boss. I can't tell you the ending because it's too good.

I like the part when Natalie reads her book, The Cheater, because it's a really good story. This book reminded me of when I was writing a book that my friends thought was good. I found Zoe interesting because she likes to argue and I like to argue.

I recommend this book to kids because it is so good I just couldn't wait to finish the book.