1 Just Dog

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Just Dog

Written by Hiawyn Oram

Illustrated by Lisa Flather

Reviewed by Samantha A. (age 8)

Just Dog

Dog wanted a real dog name. He was called just "Dog". He tried to change his name. He dug holes, chased policemen and chewed things. He wanted a name like "Digger" or "Barker" or "Lion Hearted". His family called him names like "Bad Dog" or "Oh Dog". Dog decided to be good. He was kind and helpful. He was always quiet. His family decided to give him a name like "Sweetheart" or "Honeybun" or "Treasure Chest". "No, no" barked Dog. Just "Dog" is okay with me.

My favorite part of the story is the part where they choose the girly girl names for Dog. I also liked the pictures because they were funny. My favorite character is Dog and my least favorite is the cat, Midnight. This story relates to my life because Dog is sad because he does not have a name. Sometimes I feel sad too. This book has many colorful pictures. They illustrate Dog and his actions very well.

I think kids that like dogs would enjoy this book. It is funny and sweet.