1 Magic Tree House: Thanksgiving on Thursday

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Magic Tree House: Thanksgiving on Thursday

Written by Mary Pope Osborne

Illustrated by Sal Murdocca

Reviewed by Catherine H. (age 7)

Magic Tree House:  Thanksgiving on Thursday

Jack and Annie went back to 1620 when the Pilgrims existed. They lied to a Pilgrim girl named Priscilla and told her they caught fish for a living. Priscilla told them to fish for eels and clams, but instead they got wet and couldn't catch a thing. They helped cook a fest. Jack and Annie stirred the seafood chowder and corn pudding. Annie put herbs in the chowder and Jack put roots near the ashes. Jack got a hold of the spit and accidentally dropped the turkey in the fire. Annie got Priscilla and Jack thought he ruined everything, but he didn't and they had a feast. That's what happened when Jack and Annie went back to 1620.

My favorite part of the story is when Jack exercised his arms instead of exercising (shooting) his arm (musket) because it was so hilarious. I laughed between the words. My favorite character is Priscilla because she's so kind. My least favorite character is Jack because he is so clumsy. This story relates to my life because I have a feast on Thanksgiving too and also give thanks for our blessings. I also like the way the pictures in this book help to tell the story.

I think you should read this story because it is historical and tells you what a hard time the Pilgrims had. You will learn a lot of history from it.