1 Froggy Learns To Swim

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Froggy Learns To Swim

Written by Jonathan London

Illustrated by Frank Remkiewicz

Reviewed by Yaqueline G. (age 6)

Froggy Learns To Swim

Froggy doesn't know how to swim so when his mommy and daddy go outside to the pond to go swimming, Froggy just wants to swing instead. He swings so fast and high that he swings up over the top of the swings and flys through the air and lands in the pond. He's afraid that he will drown. His mother tries to teach him all the different ways to swim like the frog kick, floating and to repeat after her - Chicken, airplane, soldier.. Froggy loses his swimsuit under the water and he's embarrased but he jumps out and puts his suit back on so he can go back into the water and swim because he finally learned how. Now he wants to swim all night.

I liked this story because I was afraid to swim. When Froggy loses his swimsuit it is really funny. I really liked it at the end when he learned how to swim because it shows you that if you try really hard you can do things that you are afraid of. Also Froggy looks so cute in his swim trunks with his flippers and his mask and snorkel.

This book is really a good one for anybody who is afraid to do something. It makes you feel excited when Froggy finally learns how to swim.