Farm Flu

Written by Addie Adam
Illustrated by Nadine Bernard Westcott

Reviewed by Jacob R. (age 8)


The boy lives on a farm. The cow got the flu. The boy put the cow in the bed and he got some tea for the cow. Then the chickens got the flu. He gave them some food. The piglets got the flu and he gave them a bath. More animals got the flu. The boy saw the animals having a party. They ran home. The boy got the flu. Ka-choo!

The book is awesome because all of the animals played video games, ate pancakes, and watched TV. My favorite thing is when the animals run outside because the boy said to get out. I like the book because it is funny.

I would tell my friends to read the book. The pictures are funny.

Jacob R. is a student in Mrs. Preissler's Class