1 Little Genie: Double trouble

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Little Genie: Double trouble

Written by Miranda Jones

Reviewed by S. K. (age 8)

Little Genie: Double trouble

Ali Miller doesn't want to go to school today. Now that she had Little Genie she did not have to. So, Ali asked Little Genie if she can look like her so that Little Genie can go to school in place of Ali.

Later on, for Ali's second wish, Ali asks Little Genie if she would shrink her so that she could see what is going on in school from her backpack. Everyone had to go home because by accident Genie's magical powers caused a huge wave to come to the school. Since Ali was there too, she got drenched in the water. When Ali came home she was wet and had nothing dry to change into. For Ali's third wish Ali asked to be warm, and dry again. Little Genie called her Genie friend, Ray, and used his sunlamp to warm up Ali.

The next day Ali was going to stay home while Genie went to school. After a while, all the wishes were finished. Ali was her normal size, but Little Genie was her regular self again! Ali had to rush to school and find Little Genie. When Ali found Genie, recess was over.

Then the teacher, Ms. Jasmine, allowed everyone to try Ali's cookies [the cookies Little Genie baked when she still looked like Ali with the class before the wishes finished].Since Little Genie baked the cookies with extra hot pepper, everyone started to cough and their eyes watered. What would happen with Little Genie's spicy cookies?

There were characters I found interesting. I like little Genie because she is really cute. Also, all her magic powers are really cool. Little Genie is able to grant any wish for a temporary time. She is so small that she is no bigger than a marble notebook's length from the top when the notebook is closed.

This book is part of a series called Little Genie. Little Genie Double Trouble is only the second book. The first book is called Little Genie Make a Wish. The first book is like the second book because they have the same characters. They both have to hide the secret that Little Genie lives in the house otherwise Little Genie would be trapped in her lava lamp again. After Ali got the lamp from the flea market in Cocoa beach Ali freed Little Genie. The first book and second book are also different. The first book is like the introduction telling about everything but the second book is when the adventure begins. Also, at one point there are two genies in Ali's room in the second book and only one genie is in the first book.

This story reminds me from something my life. Once in a while, I really want to stay home and relax but I have to go to school. In the beginning, Ali does not want to go to school. Just like me! Instead Ali was able to stay home for awhile, but since I'm a regular kid I had to go to school. Also at my house I use spices to cook and Little Genie used the pepper in her cookies.

I think the type of reader who would like this book is someone like me. If you are a girl who likes adventures this book would suit you.