1 Ms. Frizzle's Adventures, Ancient Egypt

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Ms. Frizzle's Adventures, Ancient Egypt

Written by Joanna Cole

Illustrated by Bruce Degen

Reviewed by Matthew J. (age 7)

Ms. Frizzle's Adventures, Ancient Egypt

Ms. Frizzle?s Adventures to Ancient Egypt is about Ms. Frizzle, her pet lizard, and some kids on a plane to Egypt. When the emergency door opens, something horrible happens, but they land on the ground safely. Even though this is a fiction book, I still learned a lot from it, for example that if the river is too high it will make a flood.

Pictures of animals like hippos, birds, and crocodiles, show facts in their speech bubbles. Herb, the tour guide, tells what?s going on in modern Egypt.The back page tells what really couldn?t happen in this story, such as going back in time and fitting ?all those parachutes and stuff into one small backpack?.

I like Ms. Frizzle because she isn?t afraid of anything. My favorite part is when she jumps out of the airplane. I think it would be scary but exciting to jump out of an airplane. I would like to have her for a teacher next year. I like the colorful illustrations. The different views show how people?s clothes looked long ago.

I learned about papyrus, a plant that they used to make paper. Ancient Egyptians had their own way of writing. Hieroglyphics look more like pictures than our letters.

Ancient Egyptians had dozens of gods. Almost every page shows a different god. I like Bes, ?god of home and hearth?. He?s like me, noisy at home.

This is an interesting book and it makes me feel excited about what?s going to happen next. I recommend this book to people who like pyramids and people who like Ms. Frizzle?s wacky adventures.