1 Jason and the Sea Otter

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Jason and the Sea Otter

Written by Joe Barber-Starkey

Illustrated by Paul Montpelier

Reviewed by Michael M. (age 8)

Jason and the Sea Otter

Jason and the Sea Otter is a book about a boy that loves nature. Jason enjoys talking to the animals. In the story, Jason forgets to be careful. He falls out of the boat and the otters help him.

My favorite part was when Jason nearly drowned. It made me feel scared. One time I was at the beach and a crab grabbed my leg and a jellyfish was coming my way. It scared me to death!

I really like the words the author used, like ?grey, whiskery muzzle?. I learned that otters twist the kelp around their feet so they won?t float away while they?re eating.

The pictures are colorful and beautiful. My favorite picture is when Jason is sticking his hand out to the squirrel. It reminds me of when I was six and I stuck my hand out and a squirrel crawled up my arm!

You should read this book if you like nature. It would make a very good bedtime story.