1 Pirates Past Noon

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Pirates Past Noon

Written by Mary Pope Osborn

Illustrated by Sal Murdocca

Reviewed by Leonard B. (age 8)

Pirates Past Noon

Have you ever heard of Jack and Annie? Well, Jack and Annie found a magic tree house and ever since they travel to places from a long time ago. Now, on their fourth trip, they travel to the time of pirates. Will Jack and Annie ever get home? Or will they walk the plank?

I love this book, because pirates are my hobby and I love Magic Tree House books. A hobby is something you like to do. I like to play with toy pirates and I want to learn more about pirates.

My favorite part is when Jack and Annie are on the pirate ship because I have three Playmobil toy pirate ships. I move them by hand and I talk to them. The book gave me a good scene, with words and pictures, for next time I play with my pirates.

Jack and Annie are interesting, because they have something that nobody else has ? a magic tree house. If I had one, I?d travel to the time of the pirates and attack them. I would wear a sword, ax, pistol and clothes like a pirate wears.

The pictures are black and white so you can make up your own colors. I like the part when it says "Leaves, branches, puddles, bushes, grass, vines, wildflowers ? all glittered like jewels. Or gleamed like gold." I can just imagine it. I would feel rich.

If you like pirates, I?ve got the book for you! I recommend this book to people six through nine. If you want to find out if Jack and Annie go home, I recommend this book to you.