1 The Three Pigs

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The Three Pigs

Written by David Wiesner

Illustrated by David Wiesner

Reviewed by Kinnan W. (age 8)

The Three Pigs

Do you like stories that are funny? Well, you will like this one because the first pig gets blown out of the story! The third and second pigs? I can?t tell you about them. You would have to read The Three Pigs. This book is about three pigs and a big bad wolf. It?s a funny version of the three little pigs.

This is not like any other book I read, because David Wiesner dares to do pages that don?t have a lot of pictures. I mean nothing! I like the picture where the three pigs are flying, because they?re showing their tails.

I like the part when the story says for the first and second pig that the wolf blew the house and ate the pig up when he actually didn?t. I like the dragon because he nearly gives the wolf a heart attack, and the cat because he sticks his foot out of the story to see if it?s safe.

I recommend this to eight to nineteen year olds. What a fabulous book if you like funny books or books about pigs. This book is so funny when the characters go right out of the story, you might go right in the story yourself!