1 Dandelion

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Written by Don Freeman

Illustrated by Don Freeman

Reviewed by John L. (age 7)

Dandelion was very happy to get a party invitation in gold writing from a rich person. He gets a haircut and a shampoo that make him look different. Dandelion feels depressed. Lou says, ?Maybe a wave would help,? but the wave turns out to be a curl. Dandelion is happy. He buys a fancy coat to match his hairdo, but Miss Giraffe thinks he is a stranger! Dandelion learned that he could just be himself when he went to parties.

My favorite part was when Dandelion had an unusual haircut. It was all fuzzy! It reminds me of when I wake up and I have a funny hairdo. I liked the way that the illustrator drew the kangaroo. All the pictures are shaded in so you can see the pencil lines. That is a way that I can try to draw. The author uses some unusual words to tell what the characters do: ?paced? is another word for ?walked?.

I recommend this book for 5 to 8 year olds. If you ever read this book you would find out what Dandelion does in this story.