1 Molly's Pilgrim

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Molly's Pilgrim

Written by Barbara Cohen

Illustrated by Daniel Mark Duffy

Reviewed by Bridie H. (age 7)

Molly's Pilgrim

This is about Molly, who traveled to America from Russia, a girl that other kids are beating up on just because she?s different. In the beginning, Elizabeth makes up a mean song about Molly, but Molly ends up being a friend to Emma, one of the kids in her class. Pilgrims are people who travel to a different country for religious freedom. The lesson is that there are still pilgrims coming to America.

Kids are being mean to Molly just because she talks differently. She also looks different. Molly doesn?t do anything mean to them but they do lots of mean things to her. This book is written from Molly?s point of view. I like it when Molly says, ?I didn?t like it in Winter Hill. In Winter Hill they laughed at me.?

I think if the book didn?t have pictures I could still get a picture in my mind. It is difficult for me to choose an example because there are so many good examples, but I can imagine being in the classroom when Mrs. Stickley says, ?I will put your doll in the front of the class.? It makes me feel good when Emma says, ?Your doll is the best.?

I really liked the book because it is about a modern day Pilgrim. This is a great book for ages 4 ? 9. It?s also a wonderful book if it?s close to Thanksgiving. So get up, get out, and read this! Check out this book at your local library.