1 Whales

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Written by Gallimard Jeunesse

Illustrated by Ute Fuhr and Raoul Santai

Reviewed by Caleb T. (age 8)


You will like this book if you like Discovery Books. This is a great book because it has a lot of facts. The pictures are so big they take up half of the page! Whales includes facts on baleen and toothed whales. This book has facts on how big are whales, different types of whales, and the parts of a whale. A Discovery Book is a special type of book. The pictures are clear and laminated so you can see through them. All of the pictures have more information on the other side. The pages are small but are filled with information. You can look back through the clear plastic to review words.

I like this book because I like whales. My favorite whale is the sperm whale because it is seventy feet long! It looks like a submarine from the top of the water, but the biggest whale of all is the blue whale. I also like the baleen whales because they use baleen as their teeth. A Humpback whale is a baleen whale.

The book is one of a unique series of books and I have read many of them. When you see the pictures you will love them because they are so realistic. This book is like Whales for Kids. The pictures are similar, but I don?t care for it as much because it doesn?t contain as many facts and details as this Discovery book.

The words in this book tell a lot about whales. What do killer whales eat? What do krill look like? Read this book to find out.