1 Hubert's Hair Raising Adventure

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Hubert's Hair Raising Adventure

Written by Bill Peet

Illustrated by Bill Peet

Reviewed by Natascha L. (age 7)

Hubert's Hair Raising Adventure

One day a lion named Hubert was sharpening it's claws on a rock when a hot spark flew up into the air and landed on Hubert's hair. The spark caught his hair on fire. Hubert jumped into a pond to put the fire out when he discovered that he was bald. He was trying to hide from everyone but he was seen by the bird. The whole neighborhood came to see Hubert's head. Hubert's friends tried to figure out what to do. The elephant had an idea to use crocodile tears. The elephant told the crocodile about Hubert's hair. The crocodile laughed so hard he started to cry. The elephant caught the tears in the bucket. Hubert rubbed the tears on his head. That night when no one was watching but a big yellow moon, his hair grew and grew and grew. That morning when everyone woke up they were all tied up in Hubert's hair. The bird went to get the baboon. The baboon started to cut Hubert's hair until it turned into a square.

I like this book because it is funny. It was neat the way Hubert's friends worked so hard to help him. A lot of silly things happen in this book that make it fun to read. The illustrations in the book are great!

Everyone whould read this book because it is funny. Bill Peet books are a lot of fun to read.