1 Goosebumps: The haunted car

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Goosebumps: The haunted car

Written by Evaline Ness

Reviewed by Aram M. (age 9)

Goosebumps: The haunted car

Mitchelle is twelve and loves cars. When his dad buys this really awesome sports car he is happier then ever, but he doesn't know it's haunted! Todd is the first to believe the car is haunted. Mitchelle tries to refuse to the fact but the car starts talking in a spooky voice. The ghost haunting the car's job is to do evil. She wants to kill Mitchelle. Will she succeed? This book is scary and exciting, if you like scary stories this is for you.

I enjoyed reading this book because it was very scary and exciting. My favorite part was when the car starts talking in a spooky voice. This book was really cool because it's about a ghost haunting a really nice car. This book reminds me of a time when I was very young and how my brother used to scare me.

You should read this book if you like spooky stories about ghosts and haunted cars. This is also very exciting, I felt like I was in the car speeding everywhere and the ghost was driving. This book is also good for mysteries because in the book Mitchelle has to find out who the ghost is. If you decide to read this book I am warning you its spoooooooooky! (Evil laugh)