10-Step Guide to Living with Your Monster

Written by Laura Numeroff
Illustrated by Nate Evans

Reviewed by L.V. (age 8)


This book is about a boy who takes care of a monster named Bob who likes to do funny things. Bob likes to buy gum at the gas station. Sometimes he acts like a dog. Why does this boy want a monster? Read this book to find out.

My favorite part of this story was when the monster took a bubble bath because his hair stood up. The illustrations seem real. The pictures are colorful and silly. When I read this book I felt surprised. I thought it would be scary, but it was really funny.

All first grade and second grade kids who love monsters will love this book. My friend liked the book because the monster is friendly, not mean. I liked it too.

L.V. is a student in Mrs. Esquibel's 2nd Grade Class