1 Welcome to Dead House

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Welcome to Dead House

Written by R. L. Stine

Reviewed by MB (age 9)

Welcome to Dead House

Welcome to Dead House, by R.L. Stine is a frightening book. Josh and Amanda are moving into a new house. They meet a creepy looking boy who's name is Ray. Ray said he used to live in Amanda and Josh's new house. They kept meeting more children who said they lived in their house. Then Amanda and Josh found out the children were evil! Josh and Amanda left home on midnight to see what was going on. They found out the children wanted to kill them. Ray told Josh and Amanda all about what happened to them. He said they died of an accident and he couldn't rest like the other children. Then they remembered when they pointed the flash light at Ray it blinded him momentarily. Amanda saw a tree bending so she wanted to push it over. Will her plan work and the children finally be laid to rest forever?

This book was an awesome book to read. It had some frightening parts in it. One part was when the dead children gathered around Amanda and Josh's house. Another part was when Ray floated in the air above them. The book was extremely surprising. It was surprising when Amanda and Josh saw Ray's gravestone. Then Josh and Amanda knew he was a spirit. Also, the dead children killed Amanda and Josh's dog which I didn't think they would do. Some parts were upsetting. It was upsetting when Amanda and Josh killed the spirits because they wanted to live. Also, when Josh and Amanda had to say good-bye to their friends forever. Welcome to Dead House was surprising, frightening, and upsetting, but above it was the best book I ever read!

I recommend this book to people who enjoy scary books. One reason why it is scary is when all the spirits appeared in Josh and Amanda's dark house because they wanted to attack them. Another reason was when one spirit flew up into the air to attack Amanda and Josh. Also, there was a time when the adult spirits tied up Amanda and Josh's parents to kill them. If you like scary stories this is the book to read! It will scare you right out of your own skin!