1 The Winter of the Ice Wizard

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The Winter of the Ice Wizard

Written by Mary Pope Osborne

Reviewed by B.C. (age 9)

The Winter of the Ice Wizard

Winter of the Ice Wizard by Mary Pope Osborne is an outstanding book. Jack and Annie meet up with their friends Teddy and Kathleen and go to the Land behind the Clouds where they meet a wizard. The wizard needs help finding his eye. He warned them not to get caught by the white wolves. On the journey they meet the three sisters of fate. The sisters were sewing a tapestry of the Wizard's life. Will Jack and Annie ever find the Wizard's eye and will they ever get home?

This is an exciting book to read. There are so many adventures in the story. One time they go to the Land behind the Clouds. They meet the Ice Wizard and the two wolves there. They meet so many different types of creatures on their adventures. Every time they meet a creature they have to get away from them. Some creatures are other characters disguised. This story is exciting because of the adventures, the interesting characters, and the characters are always trying to fool you. I would recommend this book to people who like adventures. One reason is because this book has a lot of mysterious adventures. If you like to read about fantasy places, you should read Winter of the Ice Wizard. The last reason is the characters are hip. If you like fantasy you need to read this book!