1 Samantha's Surprise

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Samantha's Surprise

Written by Anne Schreiber

Reviewed by J.Z. (age 9)

Samantha's Surprise

Samantha's Surprise by Maxine Rose is a great book! Ida, Samantha's friend, is having a Christmas party. Grand Mary, Samantha's grandmother, won't let Samantha go to the party. Ida and Samantha were walking down the block. In one of the windows, she saw a nutcracker doll. Grand Mary said she can't get it. Jessie, the maid, got Samantha a Christmas dress. The next day Samantha went sleigh riding with Uncle Gard. Finally, it was Christmas and Samantha went downstairs to see everyone opening presents. She hoped that when it was her turn to open a present it would be the doll she wanted. Will Samantha's dream come true? Will she get the present she always wanted?

This was a super book! One reason it was super is because it had funny characters. One funny character is Samantha, because she makes lots of funny jokes. She makes Cornelius laugh and smile. Another reason it is a super book is because it is exciting. It is exciting because she goes to the city for the first time and gets lost. Last, I learned a lesson. I learned that Nelly, Samantha's friend, was very poor and with Nelly not going to school and not having money, I learned how lucky I am. Samantha's Surprise was a super book because it has funny characters, it is exciting, and it teaches you a lesson.

I recommend this book to people who like surprises. One reason is because in the beginning, Samantha found a really nice nutcracker doll in one of the windows and she really wanted it. Her grandmother first told her she couldn't have it but something wonderful happens at the end of the story that surprises Samantha and it will surprise you!