1 The Little Red Hen

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The Little Red Hen

Written by Byron Barton

Illustrated by Byron Barton

Reviewed by C.P. (age 7)

The Little Red Hen

The story was about a little red hen who did all of the work by herself. On her way to the store she found some grains of wheat. She asked her friends and said, "Who will help me plant the grains of wheat?" "Then I will plant the grains of wheat", said the little red hen. In the end the little red hen baked bread and she ate all of her bread.

I liked the story because the little red hen made the bread. She worked hard to make the wheat for her bread. I liked the character in my story because she does all the work by herself. I felt very happy because she was cleaning by herself. It made me feel like I was at home and helping my mom when I was a little girl.

I would recommend my family to read this book. They would like my book because they like to clean.