1 The Long Patrol

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The Long Patrol

Written by Brian Jaques

Illustrated by Allan Curless

Reviewed by Kash C. (age 12)

The Long Patrol

Young Tammo wishes to join the units of Long Patrol, an elite fighting unit of hares, and just in time. After Lady Cregga Rose Eyes, Badger Lord of Salamdreaston, defeats the Rapscallion Army. The Rapscallion Army, with over a thousand vermin ready to fight, heads to obtain an even greater prize: Redwall Abbey. Tammo, the Long Patrol, and warriors of Redwall, are all ready to defeat the Rapscallion Army, ready to fight to the death. You must read the book to find out what happens next.

The war in this book reminds me of water balloon wars we used to have in Ohio. We?d make teams, then make the balloons and throw them like crazy. For all of you series readers, such as Harry Potter and Animorphs, to name a few, the book is one of 17 books written. All of them are great books. I have read, and loved, each one.

Illustrations at the beginning of every chapter fit the character perfectly, and have great detail. If you think the pictures give it away, your wrong. They may show you on thing that happens, but it will probably happen in a way you didn?t think of. If you think a story of mice, and hares, and badgers is silly, you?re wrong. The animals? form is to show you how they are. A badger is smart, a hare is quick, and a squirrel nimble. The form of the character is like symbolism.

I would recommend this book to all who think they could read and love a good story. I would suggest it to 5th grade and up because there are many things happening at once and it is hard to follow. The hares hunger and other things make it a funny and great book.