1 Hidden Fortune

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Hidden Fortune

Written by Ellen Miles

Reviewed by R.P. (age 9)

Hidden Fortune

Ophelia and her six sisters receive a letter left behind by an old man who has passed away, but in order to inherit it, they have to solve four very challenging riddles. The first riddle was not the easiest of them all. It was almost the hardest one you would ever solve, but after a lot of research they finally found out the first riddle. "The witch!" yes, there was an old lady who was nicknamed "The Witch," but they found out that she was a very nice lady and it was just a rumor. In fact, she showed photos of when she was younger at the town and the town looked beautiful. The photos made the three friends think - how can they make the town beautiful again. The Witch (or her real name Mrs. Sparrow) gave them the next clue. Next they solved the second, third, and finally the fourth clue. Since they solved the fourth clue first, they are now rich. Where will they spend all of their money?

My favorite part was when the three friends, Ophelia, Emma, and Juliet, go to the witch's house. I liked that part because they were so scared of going there and it was just a rumor. Also, I liked that part because it was funny when Ophelia thought the cookie Mrs. Sparrow gave her was poisoned because she thought she was mean, but she was really nice. Third, it made me picture in my mind a mean old lady when they first entered the house, but after they left, it made me picture a kind lady. This part of the book is the best part ever!

I felt excited when I read this book. I was excited when they got the letter that said there was a fortune because it made you think, "Are they going to get the fortune?" "or is somebody else going to get it?" I was also excited when they were going to the witch's house, but she was really named Mrs. Sparrow. Third, I was excited when they got the fortune. You ask yourself, "Are they going to be nice and spend it on the town or will they not care about anybody else and spend it on themselves?" This book was really exciting!

I enjoyed reading this book. I enjoyed this book because it was a mystery and I enjoy reading about mysteries. Also, I enjoyed this book because when you read this book it makes you think you were one of the characters in the book. Third, I liked this book because it made you keep reading it because it was so exciting. This book was really enjoyable!

I recommend this book to others that like mysteries because there is a mystery in this book. Also, I recommend this book to others who like adventures because in every chapter there is at least one adventure in it. Third, I recommend this book for others who like chapter books that are exciting because every time you pick this book up there is something else that is exciting. You should read this book if you like adventures and excitement!